A Paparazzi Jewelry OPPORTUNITY 


Welcome to $5.00 Paparazzi Accessories!

Hi I'm Marilyn, I am elated to share this DIRECT SALES BUSINESS! ~ $5.00 Paparazzi Accessories! I love it! It's EASY & FUN!

From simple to elegant necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelet & hair accessories to chic extraordinary pieces... THIS business will change your life forever!! Join our dynamic team of faith filled, kind, ambitious folks who have become a $5.00 Fashion Family!!!


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          Consultant #18949 



What I want you to know: THIS BUSINESS IS A BLESSING!

Paparazzi Accessories changed my family's life in 2 weeks!

There is nothing more exciting for me than watchIng the men

& woman on my team SUCCEED!

MY TEAM means everything to me! YOUR SUCCESS!! Is MY Success! <3

I became one of the TOP cpnsultants in paparazzi Accessories within 3 months! If I can do this business, a single mom who spent 5 years in a wheelchair and is living her Second Chance well then, YOU can ROCK it too!



Finally at 42 years old, I have found a company who loves & support me & my dreams unconditionally! A spectacular group of folks who support my SUCCESS!

Call the corporate number 1-855-697-2727 they will tell you how much I LOVE this business

and my $5 Fashion Family!!! I WANT to be your sponsor! I will believe in you even when you don't!

Please CHECK OUT MY YouTube Channel or my BLOG!  I LIVE for my Charity & my Paparazzi Business!!! It is sooo FUN!!!

Paparazzi Accessories has brought the BEST people into my life...I became a sister when I was 18, my brother passed away 47 days later, I have dreaded being an only child...this BUSINESS has expanded my FAMILY!!! I have a HUGE $5 Fashion Family now!!! I would LOVE for YOU to be a part of the FUN!!! Making money is FABULOUS, but the friendships are priceless and there is no way I would have met these folks any other way...what a BLESSING they are to me!!! I am no longer alone, I am doing something I ADORE & my passion for it oozes out of me & inspires everyone I meet! WOW!!! What a GIFT from GOD!!!

We are a Paparazzi Accessories award winning TEAM we have achieved ALL of our GOALS & will help YOU achieve yours!

If you email me or call me & I do not answer in 24 hours please,

reach out to me again! I am simply at an event or party or helping someone!

       CALL OR TEXT 863-651-6649 anytime with any questions!!! (best choice)

 (I do a ton of events with Paparazzi! I sometimes I miss calls & emails.  You are important to me!)


I had never heard of Paparazzi Jewelry or seen it at all. I have been through hell from 2007-2011 with my health. I founded a Non~Profit with my "Second Chance" & we were struggling for funding in June 2013. I had this idea to sell Purses, Jewelry & Make Up as a Fundraiser.  As I was looking for wholesale jewelry to sell to help fund my Charity, I found Paparazzi Accessories. I was blown away by the selection, quality & price.  I had no idea how much my life would change after receiving my starter kit! It's the best choice I have ever made for myself. Paparazzi Accessories is an answered prayer for my family!!! Paparazzi Jewelry funded all my bills within 2 weeks selling out of my car, and now it is my "Jewelry Joy" & source of Hope! I want to share it with you!  If I can do this business and save my dream, you can too!!! Paparazzi Jewelry ROCKS!!!

Paparazzi Accessories is THE PERFECT business at $5.00 a piece.  You can invite anyone to shop because it is affordable!  I have sold thousands of pieces in the past 11 months, it is so much fun! I have done a little bit of everything in my life. Nothing has ever been this fabulous of an opportunity! I am so excited about Paparazzi Accessories!  This is it! The search is over!!! I shot to the TOP of the company in just 3 months, I love this business and I want to help you succeed!

I sell in Paparazzi in homes, workplaces, community gathering places, events & Flea Markets. Whether it has been in 103 degrees or 42 degrees, it sells! I can throw a PAPARAZZI party anywhere!  I have sold off my neck, while making copies of my flyer & I have sold at soccer practice out of my trunk!  My charity also sells hundreds of Paparazzi Accessories from my Boutique weekly while I go to events and have a blast! It's THE CHOICE for extra income for stay at home moms!!!

I founded a Non~Profit that helps people in need in May 2012. Paparazzi now completely funds it. We have helped over 5000 folks with our small shop. Searching for funding, I prayed for help & God led me to Paparazzi Accessories! IT IS A BLAST!

With ease, I hit the goal of Director my first 30 days. Then I proceeded to Premiere Director within the next 30 days, unbelievably I hit Producer rank in just 3 months & now my glorious team is taking off with God's grace with me as well.  It is all "Jewelry Joy" in my life right now! My theory is everyone buys jewelry anyway, so,  they should be buying it from us!  I love telling people the $5.00 price and watching their mouths drop open.  I enjoy this business more than anything I have ever done. It is so easy. AND It Is ALL FUN!!! YOU HAVE TO DO IT!!! LET YOURSELF BE BLESSED!!!

My customers  light up when they choose the perfect accessory to wear for themselves or when they find a great gift for someone else.  I love to make woman feel beautiful with this affordable Paparazzi Jewelry! It is an answered prayer!

Paparazzi parties are so much fun! Simply hand out the invitations & set up a display. Watch customers, friends & family try on styles they are comfortable wearing or help them find a surprising new look.  It's all just smiles & JOY added to my life! :)

We have an accessories for every outfit & occasion. At $5.00, everyone can buy as much as they desire! ...FUN!

My charity Boutique has become known as the go to spot to find accessories for any outfit or when someone is in need of a last-minute gift. With our selection we help others feel beautiful for $5.00.  I think it is the coolest business ever!  

There are a lot of choices in life. There are a lot of sponsors to pick from in this business, join me, I promise to help you with your Paparazzi business.  You found this site for a reason! :)

This jewelry is perfect for any retail outlets. We have boutiques, consignment shops, a bride store & hair salons on our team! I have had a business since I was 10 years old. Tell me your dreams, I can assist you in taking your business in any direction you choose.   I will help you make it work anywhere. If you want to open a store, I will help you accomplish that dream!

Be a stay- at- home mom or dad with your Paparazzi business or work it as a part time job to just make spending money. Never be cash poor again. (We have men on our team!)

The sky is the limit because jewelry sells everywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

$5.00 jewelry sells itself! You WILL add happiness to someone's day as they find the perfect pieces they love!

I call it "Jewelry Joy!"

I guarantee it! :)

Here are some important details:

Every member of this team is automatically a part of the GLAMOUR FOR GOOD! fundraiser, and you will be making history with Paparazzi Accessories as we are the first Non~Profit to become a direct consultant.  YOU PAY NOTHING EXTRA, BUT JUST BY BEING ON OUR TEAM with every purchase, you will be supporting Acts Of Kindness, the training of Special Needs Children & At-Risk Teens.  Due to our Paparazzi Accessories Team / $5.00 Fashion Family, we are able to help anyone in need at our charity. If it is important to you and your family to pay it forward, this team is the perfect choice for you to become a part of!  This is an answered prayer for us as we have helped over 5000 families. DUE TO Paparazzi Jewelry, we can help those in need with no worries...thank God & Paparazzi Accessories founders! Just by being on this team, you are helping folks in need daily. How cool is that to support people in need across the nation!

More information can be found at www.kindflamingo.com


YOU WILL earn 45% commission from your jewelry sales from your first sale on! Right now is a great time to get started, since many states have very few Paparazzi Consultants. I am happy to answer any questions through email or by phone when you need help!  Once you get a team going, I can come to your area and do trainings. We are in this together!  I have a vast knowledge of sales, marketing, displays & business in general.  I promise to help you in any way I can to succeed. 


How do I become a Paparazzi Jewelry consultant?

  • You can become a consultant for $40.00 (this gets you independent consultant status, and allows you to start purchasing products). You can then pick and choose the pieces you want from the large selection of 5 piece sets.

  • HOWEVER, the best value is to sign up with a starter kit ! The starter kits are the BEST VALUE and can only be purchased when you first sign up. The $40 consultant fee is INCLUDED in all starter kits, making it an even better value! The options for Starter kits are under the starter kit tab above. 

How do I sign up?

 Choose the starter kit you would like to purchase. Keeping in mind that any option you choose is a good one, my recommendation is to purchase at least a Small Home Party Kit. With the smaller options you may not have enough to do your first party. What happens is you will get your jewelry and be sooo excited that you call your friends and family to come and see how cute it is! By the time they are done buying all the pieces they need, there won’t be enough left to do a party! IT’S TRUE, I promise it happens EVERY TIME! Once you have chosen your starter kit, click on the option in the bottom left that says “become a consultant”. It will ask you for a sponsor I.D. # and you need to enter 18949. After this it will ask for your payment information and then you will be assigned your own consultant id # and have access to your back office. Your back office is where you can find all information regarding your Paparazzi business. It will keep track of your orders, your down line, contact information etc. Look around and become familiar with the information available to you.

~Frequently asked questions ~

  • Is there nickel or lead in the jewelry?
    • No, paparazzi Jewelry is Nickel & Lead FREE!!! 
  • Can I see a catalog or order online?
              No – because each consultant is responsible for ordering their own inventory and Paparazzi jewelry is ever changing to keep up with the fashion and trends, there are no catalogs or online shopping available. Paparazzi consultants only are allowed access to the back office area to order jewelry. It changes almost daily, it is so fun to order!

    Can I charge more than $5 for the jewelry?
  •  Yes, you can charge as much as you want, but not LESS than $5!

~After you have joined ~

How to place an order?
Log in to your back office. Look at your options tab and click on “my orders”. Next click on “new order”. You will see a list of options to the left hand side (necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc….blockbuster necklaces, blockbuster earrings etc.) Click on the option you would like to order from. In the “blockbuster” options, you will get 5 of the same piece of jewelry. In the regular options, you will get 5 different pieces of jewelry. You can view the pieces of jewelry that are included in any particular kit by clicking on the picture next to the kit.

There is a $10 flat rate for shipping ($20 for Alaska & Hawaii & call about Puerto Rico) on all orders $400.00 or less. All orders above $400.00 are free shipping! Please plan on two to three days for your orders to be processed and shipped.

Damaged Jewelry/Warranty – 
If you receive jewelry from Paparazzi that is broken or damaged, you have three days to contact Paparazzi to receive a credit. 
As far as jewelry you sell to your customers, it is up to you what kind of warranty/refund you are willing to do. Most of the problem we have with jewelry “breaking”, is the “o” rings opening up and that is a simple, quick fix. 


  • Open a separate checking account for your Paparazzi business.
  • Get a business card with all your contact information on it and put a card in EVERY bag you give to your customers. I purchased mine at www.paparazzitools.com .
  • Spread the word! Let your family and friends know about your exciting new business venture!
  • BE EXCITED! Your enthusiasm will be contagious! If you believe in it, others will too!
  • Stay POSITIVE! Have fun with this! 
  • Remind your clients that your inventory changes regularly and that every time they come to one of your parties you will have new inventory for them to preview! That also means that an item they see at one party may not be available at another party!

Maintaining Active Consultant Status:

  • Order at least 200 PV (personal volume) of inventory within the previous twelve (12) consecutive calendar months.
  • To remain eligible for commissions you must purchase at least 50 pv (25 pieces) per month.


  • You earn a 45% profit off each piece of jewelry you sell. You can also earn commissions from your down line (consultants you sign up). 5% commission is earned from each consultant until you have 3 signed up at which point you will earn 10% commission for each piece of jewelry those consultants order. If they sign up consultants you earn 5% of those jewelry orders. As you advance in rank you are eligible for other commissions.

  • GV = Group Volume and is the volume of jewelry purchased through your down line. Your PV (personal volume) is not included in this total. Rank advancements are determined by your GV. The higher in rank you are, the higher your commissions will be. The Paparazzi commission plan is shown below and is also available in your starter packet and the Paparazzi website. I can explain it as well!!!

There is plenty of opportunity for everyone! Work hard and fast at building your down line. Get those initial three under you as soon as possible. Tell your friends, family, anyone you know who might be interested about this amazing business. Don’t count anybody out! Never assume whether someone is interested until you have at least told them about the opportunity! Search out and be open to different opportunities. Don’t wait for others to come to you, be comfortable and confident in what you are doing and let others know what an AMAZING business you are building! IT TAKES ACTION TO GET A REACTION! It will be the most determined and persistent that succeed, it will be YOU!

Think outside the box. It doesn’t always have to be about the home show, or a boutique. Take a basket of jewelry with you to work and set it on your desk. Send one with your husband, friend, or family member. Have some in your car! Wear your jewelry! You are your own BEST marketing tool! Make sure to take advantage of the Holidays! Who wouldn’t want to by fabulous gifts for their friends and family at our AMAZING price!?!

Taxes –
When you purchase jewelry from Paparazzi you will be charged sales tax on the RETAIL price of $5.00 even though you are purchasing it for a wholesale price of $2.75. Paparazzi takes care of reporting/filing all the sales tax so you don’t have to. We recoup that extra charge by adding .50 cents on to each item we sell to cover the sales tax charge and shipping.
You are responsible for filing income taxes for the income you make on the jewelry. This would be the difference between the $2.75 you pay for it and the price you sell it for. There are no restrictions on how much you can charge for the jewelry other than you cannot charge LESS than $5.00.

Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in it, and it will come naturally” ~ David Frost


    Paparazzi Jewelry! Paparazzi Accessories! A $5.00 Direct Sales Company! OPPORTUNITY!



CAN                 DO








Paparazzi Jewelry! 45% Commission!. Direct Sales Rock! 


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